How To Access Food

We are here to help. Humanity First Food Bank provides supplementary food to thousands of recipients each month. In order to receive assistance please fill out the form below or download food request form and our Food Bank volunteer will contact you.

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  16. By submitting this form, I agree to the following: Humanity First is not responsible for quality or quantity of food given out. We only pass on upon request what is received as donation. Humanity First does not guarantee any specific quantity or availability of any specific food item. Clients receiving any item from Clients are themselves responsible to check the product and suitability for use. If they are in doubt, they must not use the food and discard it. Use of any food item is solely on client's personal discretion. Checking for allergy and avoiding any specific food is solely client's responsibility. Humanity First does not bear any liability what so ever in this regard.
  17. By completing this form, the client agrees to accept help and support from Humanity First on these terms and completely and unconditionally indemnify Humanity First in all respects from any liability.(*)
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