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In Haiti, Tuesday saw fresh aftershocks of magnitude 4.7 and then 4.9 in the evening that are still causing concern. The HF team is still seeing 150-250 patients a day from our base camp in Port-au-Prince and from 2 other mobile clinics from which we are seeing patients in various areas. In recent days, the team set up a camp in Gressier and saw 149 patients. The team has also been seeing cases in the Port-au-Prince base camp, at the Da Da Duo camp and in mountain villages such as Sofi, 35 miles from the capital.

One young girl, Maritza Jenty has been cared for over the last 3 weeks and has severe injuries to her arm. Over the last few days, the HF team has been preparing her for surgery and is confident that her arm can be saved, and early this week, she was admitted to a Miami Hospital in the USA. In total, almost 10,000 patients have been seen so far.  200 of the Aquaboxes have now been distributed, with a further 600 due to arrive this week from the UK.  Hundreds of thousands continue to live in temporary camps dotted around the city and nearby towns, and the HF team has been distributing food and water supplies with the UN.


One of the target areas for rehabilitation was mountain community of Seguin that lacked basic necessities of life. In addition to providing health care and general public health initiatives, Humanity First has built a school on the mountains. While the actual school structure is near completion, about 170 students are already attending the school in a temporary Tarpaulin makeshift structure.

"The school students and staff gave us the warmest welcome and are extremely excited watching their very own school nearing completion", reported Dr. Daud from Haiti. "The local population has renewed hopes for their future and is dreaming for a better life". He added.

The Primary School consists of 6 classrooms and offices for a medical clinic.  Humanity First will also have a full time local doctor in the mountain area. Dr. Clayton Bell of Humanity First who started the clinic in Seguin, has been literally living in the mountains since 2010, and he has built a strong bond with the community. He will continue to oversee the growth of the community in Seguin. "Haitian people are still recovering from the effects of earthquake of 2010. I saw large communities still living in tents and poverty is rampant in Haiti." Dr. Daud commented
giving impressions of his visit. "Our focus is now to rebuild communities to make them self-sufficient. We plan to work on educating the community and provide much needed health care to give them a promise of good future". With these projects in progress, Humanity First has already created many employment opportunities in the local

Dr. Daud visited a number of communities in Seguin and Jacmel area. He also visited a local orphanage and a hospital to see abandoned children. Humanity First immediately offered the support to a 2 day old child who was left abandoned in a latrine by his mother. Humanity First also sponsored cataract surgery to restore vision
of a person who could not see simply due to poverty.

Dr. Daud also met with other NGOs working in the area to find synergies and explore other projects such as providing clean water and building low cost homes for homeless.

Donations for Haiti Rehabilitation Projects can be made online at http://www.humanityfirst.ca, or by mailing a check to Humanity First. All donations are tax-deductible.



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