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Humanity First Volunteers Ready to Assist Victims of Fort McMurray Forest Fire - Teams Deployed for Assessment
Fort McMurray Forest Fire is one of the largest disasters in Canada in recent history. Massive blaze has destroyed at least 1,600 homes, businesses and public buildings. More than 88,000 people have left Fort McMurray and it could be weeks before they are allowed to return. Many might not have a home waiting for them.
Humanity First teams in Calgary and Edmonton have been mobilized and are currently assessing the needs and are available to assist.  
Humanity First is also preparing to provide assistance to the Fort McMurray residents when they will return to their homes. Most of the help will be required at that time. We are currently registering volunteers for the Post Fire Relief Work. At this time, we do not know the exact timing when they will be needed, but we request all volunteers to register to show their availability and remain on standby. We will contact you according to your availability.
Click here to register to volunteer:  http://hf.humanityfirst.ca/volunteer/
Humanity First is also holding a Fundraising Event on May 13, 2016 in Toronto. For more information and to buy tickets or donate.  
Please click here to attend this event: http://hf.humanityfirst.ca/event/
Visit http://humanityfirst.ca/donate to make a donation for disaster relief in Fort McMurray.
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