Humanity First Canada!responded to the!worst ever flooded area in the history of Brazil. There were thre areas that were mainly affected. The Mayor of the City of Petropolis was contacted and!offered!aid for the affected families in Petropolis city.

The camps were well managed in the affected areas, they looked secure and clean. There was one person from the Social service department in charge of each shelter. Humanity First team met with the persons in charge of the shelters and asked for the most needed items for the families which were not provided by any other organizations. A list of most needed items was prepared after all these consultations with the relevant persons and departments. Humanity First, with the help of local volunteers, purchased these items and prepared the following kit for the families and the children to help in rehabilitation program,

  • 70 kitchen kits were distributed in the camps and to the individual families to start their new life. These kits were consists of all kitchen items! e.g. cooking pans , frying pans, jug and glasses, plates, cups , forks, knifes, plastic containers! etc. These kits were good for 4-5 family members. 
  • 500 new!clothing for! the ladies, kids and the males were purchased and distributed
  • Towels were distributed among the families
  • Over 300 Gifts packs were packed and distributed to the kids, that includes popcorns, chips, candies, balloons, chocolates, etc
  • School kits were prepared and distributed that includes notebooks, colors, pencils, sharpeners, rubber etc.
  • Total of more than 1000 persons were helped by Humanity First

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