Disaster Response Training

September 22, 23, 24, 2017

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada



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Humanity First provides humanitarian aid to those affected by natural or man-made disasters. Since its inception, relief operations have been undertaken all round the world and have provided shelter, water, food, clothing and sanitation to affected populations.

We have established a database of medical emergency response personnel which will aim to ensure the deployment of Humanity First Medical Disaster Response Team staff within 72 hours of a major international disaster in which the local, regional and national resources have been overwhelmed and external assistance is required.

Humanity First is implementing specific staff training as well specific management tools to maintain our readiness to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations.

The Humanity First Disaster Response Course is aimed at doctors, nurses, paramedics and logistics personnel to equip them with an understanding of disaster response management and medical practice.

This Course provides an overview of disaster response to both medical and logistics personnel. It is expected that HF Medical Response Team (MRT) members will have been certified on courses such as Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). This Course is an adjunct not alternative to those courses.

Humanity First Disaster Response Course will provide required training to handle and provide emergency basic medical and surgical assistance in a disaster scenario with minimum resources and maximum needs.

Course Fee:

Course fee per person is $250 CAD. The fees and waiver form is required prior to start of training session.

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Course Outline


  • Disaster Classification and HF Management
  • Disaster response phases
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Communicable disease management
  • Medical Management in Disasters


  • Safety & Risk
  • Public Health Medicine
  • Safe patient packaging
  • Transport
  • Convoy procedures
  • Location
  • Care of the vulnerable
  • Trauma Resuscitation


  • Team policies Water, food, sanitation and waste disposal 
  • Team equipment & supplies 
  • Sanitation and hygiene 
  • Communication and reporting procedure
  • Case management
  • Primary survey – ABCDE
  • Adult BLS
  • Paediatric BLS
  • MRT Logistics
  • Camp set up and structure
  • Referral pathways 
  • Work rota and schedule


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