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Humanity First Continues to Run Schools for Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Jordan

On August 31, 2014 Humanity First's kindergarten school in Mafraq on the border between Jordan and Syria has started providing relief to the poorest Syrian refugee children. The kindergarten in Mafraq is educating over 100 children, mostly Syrian refugees but also a few very poor local Jordanian children. In addition to free education, the children were also provided with uniforms, school bags and stationery items. The school has 9 staff and a school bus.

Many of the refugee children are already traumatized by the war and their journey to escape the troubles. Humanity First aims to give them a goal and a hope for a better future and the teachers are trained to offer psycho-social counselling to the children who are suffering with trauma of war.

The school opening was attended by Member of Parliament Sheikh Miteb Al-Jalood and Senator Sheikh Talal Al-Madi as well as Humanity First Jordan's Country Director, Rafiq Tschannen. The dignitaries were happy with the project and pledged their full support.

Humanity First opened a second high school in Amman, Jordan in September 2014 in partnership with Al-Gharraa Charitable Organization to cater for up to 300 grade 12 children. Students include more than 60 female refugee students who otherwise had no hope of continuing their education after being displaced from their homeland.

Humanity First is also looking after hundreds of Syrian refugee families residing in Turkey and Jordan. 200 families residing in Iskenderun, Turkey are being sheltered and provided with food, essential supplies and training to help gain employment.

Testimonial - Story of a Student of HF Coaching Classes

Batool is in the 12th grade now, preparing for her University Entrance Examination.

My name is Batool and I am from Syria. I came with my family to Jordan because of the war. We are from Homs. From Khalidiyah neighborhood. When the revolution began the extremist started attacking us while we were in our homes. They even killed my cousin. His son was born after his death. They also killed a pregnant woman in front of our house and splattered blood on the face of her daughters, who were screaming when they saw their mother.

My father panicked for us. And we went to Aleppo for safety and to escape the killings. And we stayed there for three months. We did not find any relief,  only hunger, cold and cruelty of its people. After the start of  kidnappings in Aleppo, my father decided to get out of Syria to Jordan because of the tragedy that we have lived, fear, cold and hunger. A fried of my father from among the traders of Aleppo came and told him that he will give him the cost of travel to Jordan. My father became happy. Because he did not have the money to go to Jordan. The next day my father went to book their ticket to Jordan. And we came to Jordan.

This was not an end to our tragedy. We contacted the aunt. My aunt said that her sons had been killed. She cried. And the son of the second cousin was also killed. My father suffered a nervous breakdown. Because of the disaster.  My dad said that we have lost everything. He said we children remained our future. So we went to the school.At the beginning the Jordanian people treated us gently but after a period treated us very harshly. When I was in ninth grade. I am on the way to school. A young man carrying a knife approached me. He wants to beat me with a knife. Because he knew I was a Syrian. And I changed my accent. I told him I am from Jordan. The Jordanian dialect spoken. So he went far from me. Because he think I am from Jordan. after two years .

UNHCR contacted us because our case is ready for localization. My father became very happy. Because the work is forbidden in Jordan. Our study requirements will not be possible. My dream is  to become a doctor. My brothers and their dreams as well. And my father wanted to achieve our dreams. But he can not do it in Jordan. My father went to an interview at the UNHCR in order to travel. After a while he went for a second interview. Our hope is getting a decent life and to achieve our dreams. In 10.29.2014. We had an interview at the Immigration Department to travel to France. So we went and we are very happy. At the end of the interview. They asked me and my mother to take off the veil. To be the image of French passport and identity French without the hijab. We refused to take off the hijab. Because when we got out of Syria, we went out for our religion and our dignity. How do we leave our religion until we travel to France?! . We refused. Since that time. France refuses to leave our case. So we hope to turn to another country. All files turned to other countries. But France does not leave our file. As a punishment for us. Because we have refused to take off the hijab. But we did not reject the travel did not reject France. But we refused to sell our religion. We ask God. France leave our file. And it turns to another country. Because we have stayed in Jordan we could not we  achieve our dreams and will lose our future. As we lost everything …… sorry for prolongation. But this is my story in short …

the Syrian refugee.
Future doctor: Batool

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