Humanity First Responds to Typhoon Haiyan


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More than 3,500 estimated to be dead in Philippines. Cities devastated Hundreds of thousands displaced and need urgent assistance.

HF-Haiyan-Ops-MapHumanity First - a Canadian relief organization responds to devastating Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. The Typhoon Haiyan roared into the Philippines Friday as one of the most powerful storms on record with winds of 300 kilometers an hour.
The typhoon hit the eastern seaboard of the Philippine causing damage in six eastern and central islands. City of Tacloban with a population of 200,000 and the biggest city on Leyte Island, is most affected. Local officials in the Philippines are estimating the death toll in the central province could reach as high as 3,500. This estimate is after initial assessment of damage where most of the deaths resulted from drowning and collapsed buildings. Ferocious winds ravaged several central islands, burying people under tons of debris and leaving corpses hanging from trees. Mass burials are being planned in towns near Tacloban.

The devastations are horrific and a great human tragedy. There is no power and all communications have been knocked, land access is blocked by fallen trees and massive amounts of debris. About 400 bodies have been recovered and thousands are still missing. The Philippines has no resources on its own to deal with a disaster of this magnitude. Local authorities have appealed for food and water.

Humanity First has sent a local team to affected areas for initial assessment and to provide assistance to displaced individuals with essential supplies.

Humanity First is appealing to its supporters to contribute to the cause and assist Humanity First help suffering humanity. Donations can also be made online at http://www.humanityfirst.ca/donate/ or by mailing a check to Humanity First. All donations are tax-deductible.

Humanity First has responded to many recent disasters including recently in Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts in USA East coast, floods in Philippines, famine in north east Africa, Japan tsunami, Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods. In post disaster phase, Humanity First has also built local infrastructure to alleviate poverty in these countries.


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