Niger & Nigeria – Hit by the worst flooding in decades

Nigeria Flood ReliefNiger & Nigeria – Hit by the worst flooding in decades 91 people Killed in Niger 140 in Nigeria. Structures and farmlands severely damaged. Over 500,000 people displaced. Niger’s recent floods have killed 91 people and caused significant damage in all eight regions of the country that are affected by the floods, including the large regions of Tillabery, Dosso and Niamey. The floods have damaged fields, rice paddies, water points, schools, health centers, roads, bridges and dams.
In addition large quantities of food have been destroyed and many cattle have washed away. Twelve irrigation schemes in the Niger River valley, totaling 3,050 hectares (7,536 acres) were completely flooded after a major river surge recently. One million children - one third them are from Niger, are facing life-threatening malnutrition in West Africa’s Sahel region this year. In the meantime, more than 5.5 million Nigeriens have been affected by drought.

nigeriafloodrelief 2 20121025 1716686079Vast stretches of Africa's most populous nation have been submerged by floods in the past few weeks, as major rivers like the Niger, the continent's third longest, burst their banks. Nigeria, which gets heavy tropical rains from May to September, usually suffers from seasonal flash floods but almost never on this scale.
In Nigeria, at least 140 people have been killed, hundreds of thousands uprooted and tens of thousands of hectares of farmland have been submerged since the start of July, raising concerns about food security, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said.In Kogi, a northern state that has been the worst affected, 623,900 people had been displaced and 152,575 hectares of farmland destroyed so far.

Humanity First is responding to this disaster by providing relief supplies to affected communities. Volunteers are purchasing supplies locally from safe areas and transporting them to affected area to distribute to the needy.
Humanity urgently needs funds to support this relief work and appeals to the donors and supporters to donate generously to this cause.





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