The latest figures suggest 12,468 confirmed deaths and a further 16,000 registered missing. Since the quake, more than 200,000 are still in evacuation centers and the majority of these are frail and elderly people. The nuclear radiation threat is still there and the ground water is said to be contaminated. The Japanese utility company that runs the faulted nuclear reactor said that it has stopped the leaking of radioactive water into the ocean. The government has asked the citizens in Kanto Region not to drink the tap water. There are increasing number of cases of diseases caused by unclean water and lack of sanitary supplies. All families have to buy drinking water from themarket and they will be provided limited numbers: 1 bottle /day per family.

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Humanity First Response

Humanity First continues its relief efforts from its camp in Ishinomaki from Minato Shogako Evacuation Centre with a team of 8 aid workers supported by local volunteers and local authorities. Our team is continuously serving hot meals and emergency supplies on a daily basis to more than 1000 refugees at the Ishinomaki camp, which is located just beside the Red Cross hospital.

Humanity First team is also receiving support and cooperation from the army operating in that area and has provided the supply of rice and drinking water to Humanity First camp.  Humanity First plans to continue the relief work for at least three more months as it is believed that the rebuilding phase will take that long to start. Therefore, please donate generously for us to sustain the relief efforts until needed!

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Some Testimonials

It amazes me that Humanity First reached this hardest hit area so swiftly, I was worried that these people (of Ishinomaki) might not be getting proper relief but Humanity First have taken care of it. Thank you!

" | Mr. Sata -­‐ The President of Tokibo Corporation

"It is very inspiring for us that you are taking care of all the (affected) people here at this hard` time, continue with your good work." | Mr. Shoji, Local Representative of the Communist Party "You have proved that you people (of Humanity First) have big hearts!"

| Mr. Kubo, Captain of the Army Regiment Operating in Ishinomaki

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