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Humanity First is working to assist local communities in West Africa by providing education for villagers on how to keep themselves safe, and by providing training and personal protective equipment to local hospitals so that they are prepared to handle Ebola patients.

The Ebola Outbreak

The Ebola situation in West Africa continues to accelerate. The bulk of the active cases are in Liberia, Sierra Leone and  Guinea. Both Senegal and Nigeria had a handful of cases and have managed to contain the outbreak.

Progress in containing the outbreak is hampered by a lack of trained clinical staff and Ebola treatment beds, and rumours at village level preventing people from coming forward if they suspect Ebola, or even using the bars of soap and chlorine being distributed. There are rumours that Ebola has been deliberately spread, and also there is a lot of ignorance on how to distinguish between Ebola and other similar symptoms such as Malaria.

Response Plan

  • Humanity First will train all staff and establish a surveillance network to enable regular reporting and maintain a live dashboard of the viral outbreak.
  • Establishment of protocols on how to manage Ebola cases in small local hospital setup
  • Povision of a basic Ebola prevention kit for our staff in all of these hospitals consisting of personal protective equipment (PPE), non-contact thermometers, chlorine and other cleaning materials.
  • Educate local communities and encourage good practices at village level to contain the virus
    1. Multimedia Training Material
    2. Radio Messages
    3. Village Level Education
  • Food hampers for disabled, elderly and sick.
  • Orphan Care for orphans created due the Ebola crisis by setting up a temporary orphanage for 50-100 children for 6 months until the government are ready to manage them again in their host communities.
  • Establish specialist Ebola testing lab

Appeal for Funds
Humanity First appeals all donors and supporters to donate generously to assist in responding to ebola crisis. Please click www.humanityfirst.ca/donate/