Hurricane Sanday - East Coast USA Update
Humanity First Canada Volunteers Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

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HFUSA (Humanity First USA) began assessment of devastated areas within 24 hours of Hurricane Sandy.  Immediate disaster relief response conference calls were held to organize urgent actions plans and create teams. Volunteers in New Jersey and New York made contact with local authorities and explored areas in need of urgent assistance.  HFUSA also met with the Mayor of Staten Island and offered their services to the community. Other teams within New York and New Jersey visited schools, shelters and community facilities.

Immediate Action

HFUSA Volunteers began by visiting Lower Manhattan and assisting Nazareth Housing and the Bowery Mission. Both places were overwhelmed with need of basic amenities. Running even their kitchen on generators, they were in critical need of supplies and volunteers. The Humanity First Medical Team provided immediate medical consultancy and medicines to
shelters, assisting almost 500 families.  The volunteers have been working non-stop, seeing over 200 families a day. Donations of blankets, batteries, hand warmers, children’s medication, diapers and non- perishable food items have been collected and distributed daily.

Getting Involved
The community of Howard Beach, NY was flooded with things people once owned and debris from the damaged homes, destroyed and weighed down by water. HFUSA acted fast to provide relief as soon as possible. High demand items such as canned soups, cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, flashlights and batteries, hand warmers, matches and lighters were just a few of the many necessities distributed among the residential areas.

A young boy was suffering from a severe respiratory ailment and needed a generator for his
medical equipment that kept him alive. The only way he could stay alive was by staying at a family friends home where there was accommodations but at the cost of splitting the family apart. HFUSA was able to supply the generator and reunite the family.

15 HFUSA volunteers split up into small groups and went door-to-door in Howard Beach area of Queens, New York.  The residents in this area experienced severe flooding from both the ocean and a creek. Flood water levels rising above 7 feet in the houses and vehicles totaled due to saltwater damage, HFUSA took on the mission of an all day community clean up. The teams compiled lists of long-term and short-term needs and then follow-up on them

Breezy Point in Rockaway, Queens NY was one of the hardest hit areas. The conditions were so severe that water was not potable due to flooding, fires and sewage backup. Cars, boats and debris were everywhere, getting into the city was virtually impossible, regardless of these conditions HFUSA Disaster Relief team pushed forward. The Councilman in Far Rockaway has requested HFUSA’s assistance to assist in cleaning up the local communities.  A Jewish association has also requested for help in Far Rockaway with volunteers to assist distributing food. HFUSA volunteers also teamed up with Red Cross to serve food in specific locations. They also met with NY Cares, to review options to collaborate efforts.




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