President Obama Thanks Volunteers from Canada
Humanity First Canada Volunteers Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

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President Obama visited the disaster affected area in New York where he spoke with survivors of the storm andmet with federal disaster workers, local officials and disaster response volunteers. President Obama also met with volunteers of Humanity First.  While shaking hands with the President, volunteers gave a brief introductionof Humanity First and told him that they have traveled from Canada.  President Obama said "We are very thankful to our neighbors from the north".

Few minutes later, addressing to the media, he mentioned that he met some volunteers from Canada and thanked again saying “…I want to thank all the volunteers…we have some Canadians who have come down to help out”
(referring to volunteers of Humanity First from Canada).

Volunteers of Humanity First Canada joined the disaster response team of Humanity First USA that had been assisting the victims of super storm Sandy. Hundreds of Humanity First volunteers have been helping the victims from day one.

The Humanity First team met with the Homeland Security Disaster Response office and initiated a hot meals program in Long Beach serving over 500 meals daily. On Wednesday and Thursday night, Humanity First volunteers served additional 1000 hot meals at Nassau Community College, where displaced residents were staying. Volunteers worked in the areas of Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Volunteers were split into several groups, and started work. One group focused on sorting and distributing donations to local residents; the rest of the volunteers worked in teams. Volunteers carried out the cleanup work which included removing everything from the lower floors of the houses, such as carpet, and taking down drywall. Humanity First also distributed cleaning supplies and gloves.

Humanity First Canada team is currently on the ground and will continue the relief work in New Jersey area.  Debbie Knorr of South Beach who is a victim of Hurricane Sandy, said, “Humanity First, has been a lifesaver. They were from all different countries; one was here from Africa on his vacation. They gutted her windows, had a free dumpster delivered and helped her empty what once was her home”.

Humanity First has responded to many recent disasters including recent flood in Philippines, famine in north east Africa, Japan tsunami, Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods. In post disaster phase, Humanity First has also built local infrastructure to alleviate poverty in these countries. Humanity First is also accepting donations for the relief work.




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