Hurricane Sandy has claimed over 100 lives 
Humanity First launched the Hurricane Sandy relief effort

Hurricane SandyHumanity First Disaster Response Team (HFDRT) launched the Hurricane Sandy relief effort in areas of New York (Lower Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island) and New Jersey. Lower Manhattan was the area hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. Stores are closed, sidewalks are empty and many residents have been without electricity, cell phone service, and running water since Sunday. The temperatures have dropped, reaching a low of 38 degrees at night – with no heat, many residents have been suffering in the cold. Although the weather is harsh, Humanity First volunteers have been working in high spirits with local authorities to assess the needs and provide as much aid as possible to the communities in need.

On November 1st, 2012 the team began assessment of hardest hit areas. Local team from HF USA in New Jersey and New York made contact with local authorities and explored the options of initial needs. Humanity First volunteers served displaced populations at shelters in John J. High School and the Armory in Brooklyn, New York.

On November 2nd, 2012 volunteers assisted Nazareth Housing in lower Manhattan to assist displaced victims. Humanity First gave 100 blankets5 cases of diapers 20 cases of AA batteries, 2 cases of hand warmers and over 50 cases of medical supplies.

hurricane sandy - east coast usa 22 20121120 1447323480Humanity first also gave 500 lbs of potatoes, 200 lbs ofapples, 30 dozen eggs, 20 large cases of oatmeal and 100lb of ground beef and 100 lbs of turkey was also given, on regular basis food is being given to various shelters where displaced residents are housed. Humanity First continued the assessment of Staten Island, New York, the medical team was able to provide immediate medical consultancy and medicines to the shelters at Susan Wagner High School which is housing about 400-500 residents. Humanity First also identified a great need of counseling of distressed shelter residents who had lost all their belongings. Humanity First USA met with the mayor of Staten Island and offered its services and assistance. Mayor was very appreciated of the efforts by Humanity First and requested further assistance from volunteers in cleanup in the day to come.

On November 3rd, 2012, a team of 15 volunteers went door to door in groups in the Howard Beach area in the Queens, New York for an all day community clean up mission. Residents in this area experienced severe flooding. Volunteers offered any help that was required of them, such as removing garbage from homes and cleaning. Team also ordered a generator for a family with son suffering from severe respiratory ailment.

All victims that Humanity First was able to assist were very grateful and praised their work and dedication. At one residence, a family member stated "I really comment what you are doing. We are lucky we still have a roof over our head, there are other out there who are much worse off. I would like to get involved with you and help them out".


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