A severe drought has affected over 9 million people in North East Africa with acute food shortages and difficulties in accessing water and sanitation. An estimated two million children in the region are malnourished and need urgent help.

The situation in North East Africa continues to deteriorate. Drought and Famine in various parts of the region covering Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya has displaced millions of people including 25% of the population of Somalia. Lack of rains, failed harvests and large-scale deaths of livestock has made the situation worse.

Hundreds of thousands are living in temporary camps where food and water are available, but the lack of hygiene and sanitation is leading to outbreaks of measles and other disease to exacerbate the appalling effects of acute malnutrition on a weakened population. Children and the elderly are most at risk, with an estimate of over 13 million affected.

Humanity First is doing the relief operations from Nairobi, with a focus on: food, water, sanitation and health. Humanity First is co-ordinating our global response through our Humanity First Kenya operations where over 90 volunteers have been involved.

Humanity First has already distributed Family Food Packs (maize flour, corn flour, beans, oil), Family Hygiene Packs (soap, wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste) and Children's Gift Packs (high energy biscuits, toys, pencils and paper, balls), to thousands of refugees.

Recently, additional 70 tons of aid including food, hygiene kits, children's packs and bottled water and assisted around 22,000 people. Humanity First has also deployed 35 water hand-pumps serving 67,000 people

So far, in total, Humanity First has assisted 89,000 people.

Humanity First is planning further convoys to Nakurur, Bura and Coastal in the next 2 months. We are in discussions on joint water projects in the north with Save the Children, and also have liaison with the UN in Nairobi.

Our longer term plans are well underway, with sites being assessed for a vocational training centre, agricultural pilot and further water wells. Humanity First has also committed to a "Knowledge for Life" program providing resources to schools. The first project is Wagadud Primary School where we will repair the roof and provide benches and tables for the 70 children who currently sit on the floor and have to share classrooms.

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