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Gaza Relief

More than 1200 Palestinians have died in past few weeks. The scenes of panic, bloodshed and death has sent shock waves through the international community. International organizations, including the UN, have condemned both Hamas and Israel for the violence and "disregard for civilian life."

Many children have been killed or injured and thousands have been traumatised in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) including Gaza and the West Bank.

The population of Gaza lives in a coastal strip 25 miles long and 4 miles wide. The community is densely populated and under siege by fierce bombardment. Medication is running low, sanitation and water is badly affected and many women and children are under severe threat of disease and trauma injuries. Schools and hospitals have been badly damaged as has much of the basic infrastructure of the Gaza strip.

Humanity First plans to work with UNRWA and global charities on the ground to provide emergency aid and to provide educational services. 

You are requested to donate generously to Humanity First and help suffering innocent people from this manmade disaster that includes women, children and elderly victims. 

Please donate for the disaster relief at the following link:


Humanity First is looking into a long term assistance program covering relief supplies and assistance to children in the region. We appeal for your support to ensure that we can respond effectively. 

Please donate and help us to make a difference for the innocent victims.  Humanity First is working to provide winterization packs based on UNHCR guidelines covering blankets, heaters, hygiene kits and children's kits. We could try to supplement with clothing.